Garage Spring Repair Services

Professional garage door spring repair by local technicians. The spring system that open and closes your door is one of the most vital parts of your garage door. This incudes torsion and extension springs, plus cables and pulley systems. Springs when newly installed will operate in the neighborhood of 10,000 cycles. In normal use your door should open with minimal effort. If a spring snaps (you’ll hear it if nearby) your door may not open at all. In this case you end up having to park the car outside or in the driveway. An inconvenience and also less safe for you and your car.

Austin Garage Door Spring Repair Replacement Austin

Torsion springs last a long tie but not a lifetime. A broken garage door spring repair is common for old homes with old springs or cables. For Greater Austin homeowners with an attached garage, you probably open and close the door many times daily. If it’s an older home you live in and its got original springs or cable it’s time for a replacement.

Replacing a spring that has broke on a two spring system means you will have to replace both springs. This is because more than likely they were installed as a pair previously. If one breaks it won’t be long for the other as well. Regardless if its an extension or torsion spring the process of doing a replacement is dangerous. For this reason, do not attempt a garage door spring repair by yourself.

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Our company has local technicians who can take care of the Garage Door Spring Repair for your home. For more than 20 years we have proudly served the greater Austin area. We offer same day and 24/7 emergency residential and commercial garage door services and repairs. Call us for a free estimate.